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Every concrete pour we make is a minimum of 4,000 PSI high strength concrete. This is then fully reinforced with rebar of at least 2 feet on center and doweled into any existing concrete every 2 feet or less. Our concrete is also saw cut or tool jointed so there is no section larger than 12 x 12 without a control joint. This allows your concrete to naturally crack without any unsightly, visible cracks.

If your existing concrete is cracked, uneven, or damaged, give us a call to have it fixed. You don't want to trip and fall thanks to any large cracks or uneven surfaces. Additionally, such cracks can allow rain water to erode the ground beneath the concrete, causing it to separate even further. This is the reason why we use rebar in every pour, so the concrete never has the opportunity to separate in the first place.

Using Only the Highest Quality, Strongest Concrete Available

Repairing Any Cracked or Damaged Concrete Surface

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The knowledgeable crew at Goodman Concrete, Inc. can pour and create any concrete addition to your home or business. Whether you need your driveway replaced or want to relax on a new patio, we can do it all!